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Acid Software is now Live!

Welcome everyone!

New Store-front for the Acid Software is now live! Thanks everyone for support once again. Shall there be any questions or concerns, feel free to reach us directly:

10 thoughts on “Acid Software is now Live!

  1. Hey man,

    Can’t wait to play your games!

    1. Hello my friend! Most of my games are already online and available for purchase:

      Thanks for support!

  2. Just bought Active Shooter. Just trying to figure out how to enter the key into Steam.

  3. can’t wait to get home and install it !

    Any word on controller support?
    Guess ill find out when I get home

    It isnt a Steam game. Valve pulled it. If you bought it here you just download it from the link they email you. If you want it in Steam then just click Add A Non Steam Game

    1. Partial controller support should already be in the game, but we haven’t had a chance to customize it just yet. But let know how it plays for you! 🙂

  4. hey
    just wanted to know 2 thing
    1) will the game be available on mac ?
    2) will i be able to buy it from europe ?

    1. Hey there. Yes, the game is available in Europe. It’s available to purchase even if you’re from Mars 😀

      As far as Mac support. If demand will be higher, then of course!

      1. Where can I buy Active Shooter game online?

        1. Procelle, please open ticket regarding the purchase:

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