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Standoff is essentially a SWAT simulator FPS game in which three roles are offered

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Standoff Early Access – Version 0.69 | Standoff Road-Map

Standoff is essentially a SWAT simulator FPS game in which three roles are offered. One of the main roles is to play as an elite SWAT member, in which multiple situations are offered. Your main objective is to neutralize the shooter, extract hostages and avoid civilian casualties. Aside from that, you can play as a shooter or a survivalist (civilian) as well. In which you’ll have to cause as many fatalities or try to escape!

Current features:

  • Three roles: SWAT, Attacker & Survivalist (Civilian).
  • Variety of weapons: M4A1, AK47, 12G Shotgun, 1911, Grenades, Combat Knife, Katana, Flashlight, Ammunition
  • First person mode & Third Person Mode (Fixed)
  • 1 Scenario
  • Artificial Intelligence (Passive, Aggressive, Neutral)


  • 32 player PVP multiplayer
  • 12 player Co-Op
  • New weapons
  • Additional Situations
  • Map Editor


This is a computer game and is meant solely for entertainment purposes and simulation. This game contains content and materials not recommended for children and/or those seeking to enhance or establish political views and/or careers. Revived Games believes violence and inappropriate actions belong in video games and not real world, and insists that in no event should anyone attempt to recreate or mimic any of the actions, events or situations occurring in this game. This game is for mature audiences only (18+).



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