Standoff Roadmap

Standoff current version: 0.69
Last recorded update: July 12th, 2018


  • Improve AI Logic.
  • Improve AI reaction when shooting has begun.
  • Replace/Add 3D models of AI and Player to correspond the role(s).
  • Improve weapon mechanics
  • Add weapons for each “fraction” to correspond the role(s).
  • Add additional levels (Grocery Outlet, Gas Station, Movie Theater, Office).
  • Add Hostage-Rescue System for SWAT.
  • Add more types of NPCs: Walk-by civilians, etc.
  • Add animals: Dogs, Cats, Birds.
  • Add “Suicide” option for Attacker.
  • Increase difficulty when played as an Attacker and Civilian.
  • Add Achievements (custom).
  • Add Global Leader-boards.
  • Add Co-Op with up to 12 players (Photon)
  • Add Multi-Player with up to 32 players (Photon)


This list might keep being updated. Last edit: June 27th, 2018 @ 2:24 PM.